Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Story Rhymes like Old Times

Some little things change but the premise stays the same: bitches be crazy, we play our silly games.

He likes her but she shows no interest.  This guy'll keep tryin': risk it to get the biscuit.

Get'im out'a here, she don't want yo business.  How can I say dis boy, you ain't on her wish list.
          This poor sucker'll keep pressin' till there's no more to be done.  Then her force'll spring back, and

          another round she's won.

The crazy fool wont quit, he think's the prize is worth the struggle.  But this girl's got'im beat and be    

          makes another fumble.

But when this boy is down and feels like he should quit, something unexpected happens: an

          unforeseeable shift.

A satin hand reaches down to his, fingers soon intwined.

He picks himself up and leaves the past behind.

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