Thursday, March 1, 2012


I wish I could write poetry.

I don't mean the kind of poetry that you write for your mom for her birthday, or for a lover who you've been with for a while.  I wish I could really compose a work of art.

To be able to scribe thoughts into verse, plainly and honestly: that is what I want to do.  If only I could break free from the rules of rhyme scheme and alliteration and metaphors.  Maybe then I could truly express my thoughts through a poem.

I don't really like poetry.

I don't mean that, really.  What I mean is, is that I don't enjoy analyzing poetry; like the way you used to in grade school.

To scrutinize a stanza seems meaningless.  A poem's purpose is not to reflect an inherently true message, but instead, to invoke an emotion of the reader.  Does it really matter what the poet intended?  What matters is that the person engaging with the piece feels something.

I wish I could write poetry.
The kind that make people feel something.  The pure, honest emotions that each one of us harbours inside.

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