Thursday, August 25, 2011

Don't Be An Ignorant Bitch, Hoe.

Facebook: it's this amazing thing that makes the world go round... at least that what it feels like these days.  I don't go a day without giving myself some kind of update.  Even if i don't go on Facebook, I still check my emails to see if anybody sent me anything important.

It's wonderful.  I LOVE Facebook. I'm the first person do admit that I have a bit of an addiction, and I like it.  However, it's when people use Facebook inappropriately that really chokes me.

If you need to vent about your personal life, do not put it on Facebook.  Call up a friend, write in a journal, do an online blog that NOBODY knows about (ha ha ha), or something else that works for you that maybe I haven't thought of.  But posting your entire person al life on Facebook is not okay. When you post things online, you want them to be seen.  It doesn't matter if it's song lyrics, an inside joke, or something stupid.. you want it to get some kind of a reaction.  When you post your personal business, you're basically telling people "hey, this is what's going on in my life, look at me!" and they will.  They'll make comments and make you feel wonderful or whatever feeling you're trying to receive because you want the attention.  I know how this works, I've been there.

When people make comments you disagree with, you get SO pissed off, and you shit a brick. Ya delete the comments that "make you look bad" (or whatever), and then post nasty things about people betraying you because they don't like how honest you are.  Look here, princess, if you post things about wanting to get a divorce, moving out of your house and blaming a fight you had with your husband for your alleged baby problems (which, let's be honest, there were none), there are going to be people who tell you what you don't want to hear: grow up; don't post this shit on Facebook.  If you're going to be so incredibly "honest" with people, and post your life online, then expect that people are not going to agree with you.  Don't be mad when friends give you their opinions on your life that you don't agree with... you asked for it when you made a status update.

Clearly... I have issues with a certain person... she posted this nasty status update about how she couldn't believe that her "friends" had betrayed her for being honest about what she was going through, and that if they were real friends they wouldn't be so mean, or some shit like that.  Some of the people that made comments on her Statuses that were really rude and harsh were only trying to be helpful, which in my opinion is fine.  If you're going to express issues in public, expect that people are going to tell you what they thing in public.  So, after this friendship betrayal comments, I wrote her this, because I'd had enough  of her bullshit:
Thats a really ignorant thing to say. Friends are people who protect the ones they care about, and are brave enough to       let them know when they are making mistakes to help them grow. Perhaps you were offended when people told you that is was inappropriate to be posting extremely personal information all over Facebook for everyone to see, but thats not people betraying you, thats trying to help you see that it was immature and unwise. Being honest is one thing, but being completely and utterly blunt about things that should be nobody else's business is another. You cannot expect people to not react when you post things like wanting a divorce lawyer or blaming a fight for alleged problems with your baby. People care about you enough to be honest, and if you are going to get offended when people disagree with the things you post, then maybe you shouldn't post them."

     Am I right, or am I right? Not that anybody reading this would know... you don't really know what went on.  All I know is that I was not rude, but I was to the point.  But, the bitch deleted and blocked me after.  Which I was going to do anyways, so I honestly don't care, because now I'm not tempted to look at all her bull.

Facebook is something fun.  Don't ruin it for the rest of us, Hoe.

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