Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Like Clockwork

Life loves to throw curveballs.

I don't think it knows how to
throw them.

It's like...
Here I am, minding my own business, doing what I do. Being who I want to
be.  I am SINGLE and for once in what feels like
I'm happy.  No, happy is an understatement.  I'm everything that goes along with it. I feel


I know who I am.  I am in control of my life. I'm letting Jesus
steer the wheel.
          (or, trying to)
And I say "Hey God, I'm good right now, thanks. You are ALL I need. Screw boys, right!"
Then he laughs at me and says
"I DON'T THINK SO..."              OR, maybe this is a test of my will power.

I met

He seems wonderful. But there are a few things in the way. Like the
12 YEAR age gap.  Think about that for just a second.  Are you done thinking about that?  Good, because while you're moving on to the next thought, I'm still
on the fact that this bo..er...Man. This man is more than a decade older than I am, and less then a decade younger than my mother.

chew on that one for a while.  How does that taste? It leaves a bad taste in my mouth too.

I realize I am getting too ahead of myself here. Sometimes I can be irrational;
but excuuuuuse me for falling victim for a guy who seems to be just my type:


Okay, so maybe these are things that the vast majority of people look for in their "type" of guy. But seriously, other than the age gap, he's like everything I've been looking for.  He's a christian*. yeah...

                                                                                   A CHRISTIAN*
Sure, there are lots of them out there, but I haven't found any.  Not any good ones... none that seem to be interested in me, anyways.

I don't even know if he is interested in me now. I feel like this is going to make my head spin. Yep, there it goes


Kind of like the hands on the clock of life, going round and round, ticking away... waiting to


                                 And there he goes, talking to me again. It continues.

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  1. To read this once and NOT leaving a comment is almost like taking a bite out of a doughnut and throwing the rest away! I'm very impressed with the overall format, content, and the ability to get inside your mind as you wrote it! This is fantastic work!