Monday, October 18, 2010

I am the worshiper on...

This place is amazing.  It is peace among chaos, hidden away on a mountain top.  I love it here.  I feel free to be who I want, say what I feel, and sing at the top of my lungs.

There are places of solitude tucked away in special places, the rooftops of the AQ, the stairwell by the Interfaith Center, the courtyard out side Strand Hall.  In the crisp air, when I am all alone, I take a deep breath and greet my best friend.

He's everything to me.  I try to be everything for him.  He lingers in me, he holds my hand.  He is the tears I cry, and the laughter that comes from my mouth. I love him, more than anything.

I sing for him, all the time.  When I am walking to class, when I am on the bus, when I am alone at my apartment, and in the late hours of the night.  He is my everything.  He gave me my voice.  He gave me a song to sing.

I am the worshiper on the roof.
I am the worshiper on the stairs.

I have worship in my heart.  He is in my mind.  He has me in His hands.  I will never let him go.

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