Saturday, August 7, 2010

What's With the Name?

Hello, from the small, Northern town of Kitimat BC, located at the end (or beginning, depending how you look at it) of the world.  Nestled in the Kitimat Vally, we are home to some of the finest wild life, sceanery and liquor stores that one could ask for. The natives first gave Kitimat it's name, which means "people of the snow"; although, due to global warming, we have been unable to live up to our name these last few winters.

About 55 years ago, Kitimat was born due to a vision a man had to build a smelter here. An aluminum smelter, called Alcan.  This industry is the soul purpose for Kitimat's existance and survival. Without it, this town would turn to dust, and whoever was left in this town would be forced to leave. (Why anybody would want to stay in the first place is completely beyond me)

I left Kitimat a year ago to venture out to the city of Vancouver and study to become a teacher. After 8 months of pure bliss, I have returned home for the summer, and will do so for the next 3 summers, to be a summer student for Alcan. As much as I have grown to love the city, and never wish to leave it, I cant turn down making 15Gs in 4 months; I'd be mental not to take it.

August is almost over, and my anticipation to return to my new home is growing with each day that goes by. Vancouver is known for many things: Stanley park, its amazing transit system (the skytrain), and most recently hoasting the 2010 Winter Olympics. What is Kitimat known for? Nothing more than trees, moose and aluminum.

Sweet God, get me out of here.

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